Please see the following papers for a more detailed description of the set-up of the Stockholm Birth Cohort Study:

Stenberg, S. Å., Vågerö, D., Österman, R., Arvidsson, E., von Otter, C. and Janson, C. G. (2007) "Stockholm Birth Cohort Study 1953-2003: a new tool for life-course studies." Scand J Public Health, 35(1):104-10.

Stenberg, S. Å. and Vågerö, D. (2006) "Cohort profile: the Stockholm birth cohort of 1953." Int J Epidemiol, 35(3):546-8.

Final project report for Vetenskapsrådets (VR) research grant for large databases [in Swedish]  Report (412 Kb)

Background to the project Metropolitan – an interview with Sten-Åke Stenberg. Here you can see the programme [in Swedish]: