Name: Dependency and Child Welfare Committee data: Causes (Orsaker till Barnavårdsnämndens ingripanden)
Period(s): 1962-1972 (SMS)
Code book IV


This section describes the second data file containing data from the social register (for more information on the source of data, the data collection processes and the first data file, please see Codebook II). There are two primary differences between the first and second data file. Firstly, the latter file is delimited to the cohort member’s early deviant behaviors, measured through the documented causes of the decisions made by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) to take action and secondly, unlike the former file where the information was presented in three time periods, the information in the latter file is presented yearly between the years of 1962 and 1972.

The data file thus presents the criminal acts and other forms of deviant behaviors being the causes of the CWC’s actions during each year. The numbers presented in the tables refer to the number of actions taken by the CWC for each crime category. This means that the crimes could have been committed several times for each action taken. The categories, such as “psychological problems”, are very broad. However, we do not have any clear or explicit information available to see what is meant by some of these problematic categories.

The data file additionally contains three variables than those presented in the section. These variables (alko, full and ratt) have been excluded from the presentation due to the fact that it is quite unclear what they stand for and in addition, it is troublesome to see how they could provide any more information than what is available in the other variables.