Code book V (2970 Kb)

This code book contains frequency distributions on three different categories of variables; (1) family related data, (2) health related data and (3) social policy related data. In the former category, one finds data on the twins and siblings of the cohort members but in addition also the cohort members’ own child deliveries. The second category includes health data gathered from the Stockholm county health register but also more specific mortality data. The latter category includes data on sickness benefits, welfare recipency and the cohort members’ income and higher educational attainments. Moreover, the codebook also includes a presentation of the macro-level area data between the years of 1960-1985.

In May of 1986, the data was de-identified and subsequently some variables were deleted.

This code book was compiled by Kerstin Nelander and Amir Sariaslan, Stockholm (2008). The section about the twin data was compiled by Matthew Lindquist (2007). The section on the deliveries of the cohort members was co-authored by Kerstin Nelander and Reidar Österman.


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