Name: Sickness benefit data (Sjukbidragsdata)
Period(s): 1980-1983 (SMS)
Code book: V


By the mid-1980s, the Project Metropolitan staff decided to gather supplementing data for a number of the data sets that they had previously gathered. The sickness benefit data set thus contains supplementing data for The National Swedish Social Insurance Board4 data, which was presented in Codebook II.

The data set could roughly be divided into two categories of variables; (1) those that describe numbers of sickness days and cases for the individuals being registered as having received sickness benefits during a given year (1980-1983) and (2) those who describe the character of the sickness benefits and their causes. The data as it pertains for the latter category of variables is divided into two periods. A small number of individuals (n=29) have been eligibility tested for sickness benefit twice. Hence, the data for the second period contains information as to how and when the mentioned decisions changed for these individuals.