Name: The Causes of Death Register (Dödsorsaksregistret)
Period(s): 1963-1980 (SMS), 1981-2008 (WMD)
Code book: VI

Information for the SMS

This section presents mortality data on the cohort members between the years of 1964 and 1984. Until February of 1984, 60 females and 153 males had died. The mortality data for the members of the Stockholm Birth Cohort was collected from Statistics Sweden (Statistiska Centralbyrån, SCB).

Variables on year and month of the death as well the cause(s) of death are available. The latter is presented by the application of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Classification of Diseases (ICD-8), originally accepted by the WHO in 1966.

In the ICD-8 classification, damages are categorized twice. In the first instance, the nature of the damage is described in the ‘regular series’ (0-999) of the ICD-8. Secondly, the external causes of the damages are classified in the ‘E-series’ (E800-999). Given this fact, the variables DIAG1 through DIAG3 in this data set describe the cohort members’ disease diagnoses, from which the former variable denotes the primary diagnosis. The variables EKODE and EKODE1 refer to the damages caused by external factors, meaning that they follow the codes of the E-series. (Please do note that each individual can only acquire one ‘Ecode’).

Information for the WMD

The data is derived from The Causes of Death Register 1981-2008, and refers to individuals participating in the Stockholm Birth Cohort Study: a total of 440 individuals. The causes of death have been classified according to the English version of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD). The history of ICD goes back more than a hundred years and the classifications have been revised approximately every ten years to keep up to date with developments in medicine.

Statistics on causes of death have annually 1911–1993 been published by Statistics Sweden (SCB). The National Swedish Board of Health and Welfare has been responsible for the publication since 1994 (

All diagnostic cods are derived from The National Board of Wealth and Welfare web page ( and are based on ICD 8 (1981-1986), ICD 9 (1987-1996) and ICD 10 (1997-2014).