This paper draws on the concept of parental involvement in investigating differences in level of attained education by family backgrund. The question is if parental involvement in children's schooling at age 14 acts as a mediator between family resources and mid-life level of attained education. Using structural equation modeling, longitudinal survey and register data on a Swedish metropolitan cohort born in 1953 (n=3,300) are analyzed. We find that parents eductional aspirations are an important mediator between family resources and attained level of education. Other forms of involvement, such as reading children's schoolbooks and helping with homework are related to academic performance only. We also find that parental involvement is greater in families with more resources, which leads us to warn against developments turning more responsability for childrens's schooling over to parents. 


Reference: von Otter, C. (2013). Family resources and mid-life level of education: a longitudinal study of the mediating influence of childhood parental involvement. British Educational Research Journal. doi:10.1002/berj.3111.